Owner's Plaything [Slave for Hire #10]

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions | Date published: 10/13/2008


From One Sadist to Another! Her contract was up--but her master sold her to another even more terrible and sadistic! Beaten, tormented, gang raped, she became little more than an animal "Diana rested in the corner of the small closet that she'd been taken to after she'd finished her small meal. How long she would be left in the darkness, alone, and nude, she didn't know, but the man who owned her, the one who had paid for her at the auction, wasn't the sort that would humor a slave. No, he'd pushed her into the room and locked the door without another word to her. All she knew was, at some point later in the day, the door would be opened again and she would be a part of the entertainment for the friends her Master had invited into his home." Was there any escape, and as her orgasms became more powerful, did she want to escape if she could?

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