Suburban Secrets

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc./Crimson Rose | Date published: 09/12/2008


Lindsey Dameron, desperate for money after a divorce she never saw coming, has a new job with a private investigator. Her assignment? To blend into suburbia and uncover suburban secrets--not stumble across a dead man and a missing socialite. Local pariah and former defense attorney Ethan Wayne needs to clear his name before he's arrested for the disappearance of his soon-to-be ex-wife and the murder of her lover. But all he can afford is Ace Investigations, and the only person available is a woman who looks more like a soccer mom than a private eye. She doesn't even have a license. Lindsey hates lawyers, Ethan needs a real investigator. But when a reward is offered for his missing wife, they team up to find her, and agree to split the reward. Will they succeed before Ethan is arrested and Lindsey loses the only home she's ever known? Or between dodging bullets and explosions, will they find love, instead?

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