Royal Reward

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Newsite Web Services Publishing | Date published: 07/20/2008


The year of our Lord 1078, Cumbria, England... Lady Enora has been happily overseeing her castle for the last six months, ever since her father died. Now, against her wishes, she is to marry a stranger--Sir Richard de Laurent--one of William the Conquerer's most trusted and formidable knights. For his loyalty and prowess in battle, King William has bequeathed to Sir Richard, the Lady Enora and her holdings, Beaumont Castle. A truly royal reward for a knight! Sir Richard had thought to find a winsome, pliable wife but instead, he finds the Lady Enora to be a feisty wench who goes out of her way to thwart him. She soon finds out that her new husband has ways of making her behave--over his knee, for one! She begins to realise that perhaps being married to a knight is not a bad thing after all, as he stirs her innermost desires. For adults only.

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