Hidden Desire

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: DCL Publications LLC | Date published: 08/28/2008


Alyssa Charlton works at the art gallery and is busy writing the catalogue and bio of the artist, Marco Alvaréz, when Marco comes in. They are thunderstruck with each other. Tom, the gallery owner and an inveterate matchmaker, invites them for Saturday brunch and a swim. Marco invites Alyssa to have dinner with him. Very soon, passion flares between them, and he spends a night of love with her. When she wakes, he is gone. Hurt and upset, she hears from Tom that Marco left a note saying he had to return to Phoenix to deal with something. He'll be back the next day. But Marco does not come back. What Tom and Alyssa couldn't possibly know is that Marco, on his way back from breaking with a casual girlfriend, has been the victim of a drunk driver, who caused a serious accident. Marco has amnesia--obliterating his time with Alyssa.