Lady Barrington

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Categories: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: Newsite Web Services Publishing | Date published: 11/13/2007


Julianna Pritchard, the spoiled, willful only daughter of the Earl of Pritchard has been used to having her own way in every aspect of her life. Her mother died when she was but a small child, leaving her father, already along in years with no patience or desire to discipline her. Her cousin Maise lives with them, and finds herself easily led astray by her exuberant cousin. Now it is time for her to be married and most of the eligible young lords shy away from the prospect of living their life with such a spoiled girl. However, there is one young man, the Earl of Barrington, who is interested in wedding Julianna. He agrees to the marriage with a courting period, during which he will do his best to tame her. This leads to many adventures as Julianna slowly falls in love with him and her cousin with his friend.