Birthright [Milward Chronicles Book 1]

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 07/29/2008


He is the last of the wizards. Milward barely survived the Magik Wars. New to life among the magik users, he was fortunate to survive as the others were blasted into nonexistence by Gilgafed the Sorcerer during the fighting. Outliving Labad, the last great Emperor, Milward's duty was to watch over the royal household until Labad's prophecy is fulfilled. Adam and Charity find themselves in the middle of events that will shake the foundations of the empire. Moreover, if Labad's prophesy is right, the twins are the only ones with the power to save the world from annihilation. The dwarves give the original prophecy to the twins, along with Labad's weapons, and, though they don't know it yet, his abilities. The twins have to live if the empire is to survive. The barrier between this world and the shadow is beginning to thin, and Adam and Charity must face all the terrors Gilgafed the Sorcerer can bring to bear while Milward is forbidden to interfere....