A Fire Burns Deep

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: DCL Publications LLC | Date published: 07/31/2008


Brent and Lara are about to be married, when circumstances conspire to make Brent believe his mother's suspicions that Lara is having an affair with Ted, a childhood friend. Brent storms out, before she can tell him she is pregnant with their child. Years later, Brent tries to find Lara--and at the same time finds his four-year old son, Christopher. He proposes marriage, and after some hesitation and difficulties contrived by Brent's mother, they marry. A woman with whom Brent had a casual fling years ago, tries to insinuate herself into his life again. Lara is upset, and Brent convinces her of his love. At a preview of paintings at the art gallery where Lara used to work, the artist and Lara renew their casual friendship, to Brent's indignation.