Chester and the Green Pig

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Categories: Children's Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Calderwood Books | Date published: 09/17/2007


When Chester wakes up, there's a green pig on his lawn. When it squeezes out under the back gate he follows it to a new, enticing world. Welcome to a place where plants complain, where local people with the silliest names are obsessed with gold even though they have no idea about money. Welcome to Goldintown. It's being terrorized by an evil fat food fairy named Gluttonia, who with the aid of some pretty powerful magic, is stealing all the town's kids. Or as the town's Sheriff, Wetpants McTumble-Dry puts it, "One by one she is knee-capping--I mean kidnapping every child!" It seems odd, particularly to Chester, but to get those children back, Goldintown needs his help. Chester needs some help himself. Some will have to be magical if he is to defeat the powerful food fairy. Some of that will have to come from his guide the green pig, but most of it will come from an extraordinary dog; the Galveston gray poodle that belongs to the old Indian chief living on top of Mount Moccahatchee. Chester does not know it as he sits in the Lucky Lettuce Café with the sheriff and green pig, but before two days are done, he will be magically transformed and delivered under cover of darkness into the very heart of Gluttonia's dreadful home to search out her book of spells, destroy it, and render her forever powerless.

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