Lucky in Love

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Newsite Web Services Publishing | Date published: 03/14/2008


Lucky St. James is the woman from the wrong side of the tracks, and despite her birth name, her luck with men has been anything but fortunate. Her biological father walker out on her and her mother when she was just a baby, her stepfather abused her mother and kept Lucky in a state of fear her entire childhood, and a string of boyfriends all cheated and lied to her. Now she meets Clay Jackson, a wealthy gentleman farmer who wants nothing more than to prove to Lucky that love and trust are worth taking a chance on. Lucky wants to give herself completely to him, even after he explains to her about his interest in domestic discipline in their relationship. But will she really be able to trust him and allow herself to be loved the way she longs to? For adults only.