Shadowed Love

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/Devine Destinies | Date published: 05/15/2008


First issue published in 1998 by Picasso Publications. This issue has been extensively edited and revised. Set in the early sixties, this book is partially based on true life events, and is part fiction. Romance is like a burning jewel, it either sparks and flames brightly, or it is shadowed by the world's cruel intervention. Shadowed Love is the story of a love between a black man and a white woman. Their love is like a flawless pearl, perfect, unblemished, except for the cruelty of humanity determined to destroy it. Young Bonnie Winters and her mother Noelene have left Australia to begin a new life in South Africa. Bonnie's attraction to Abraham Mogale, a black man working the printing press at her private school, soon ignites into a passion that cannot be ignored. Despite the considerable risks, the lovers vow to be together even if it means leaving the country. However, their ultimate goal faces several challenges that will test the endurance of their spirits and their love for each other.