Ghost of a Purr [Lucky Pierre Mystery Series Book 2]

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Pageturner Editions | Date published: 06/16/2008


The Cat Who Loved to Solve Crimes Returns! Lucky Pierre, that feline arch sleuth, faces another murder in this lighthearted mystery. In this second installment of his adventures, Pierre's loyal human friends Linda and Jeremy Austin, are hosting a group of spiritualists for a three-day stay at their Honeysuckle House Bed and Breakfast. No one expected any problems beyond a few tipped tables and an occasional lewd word on the Ouija board. They certainly didn't expect to find the group's channeler (a medium, but rather tall) sprawled in her bed, reeking of bitter almonds, and dead as a doornail. The body of the channeler is hardly cold when Jeremy discovers another member of the ghost group dead in the shrubbery with a silk scarf knotted around her neck. Things are not looking good for either the spook hunters or the Austin's finances. If this keeps up, people will be staying away in droves. What's worse, they won't be contributing to the bank account that pays for Lucky Pierre's cat chow. There are some things that no respectable feline can ignore. Who is the vile killer that's threatening Lucky Pierre's dinner? Is it roly-poly little Duane Barbashire, who wears a pinky ring and prides himself on his business sense? Could it be Horace and Eunice Kidley, who used to practice necromancy but claim they've reformed? Maybe it's the mysterious writer, Guy Trenton, who claims he's there as an impartial observer but has a personal interest in at least one member of the group. Adding to the problems is the presence of Pawnee, an overweight gray tabby with a bottomless appetite. The Austins are cat-sitting Pawnee for a week and discover to their horror that he is a master of concealment and a shameless thief as well. Thereby hangs a tale--a cat tail, of course.