All About Stocks: The Easy Way to Get Started

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Categories: Personal Finance
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies/McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing | Date published: 02/01/2002


Everything the individual investor needs to know about stocks. All About Stocks, Second Edition, covers stock market basics for newcomers and provides concise and understandable answers to today's most-asked stock market questions. Entirely rewritten from the first edition­­with diagrams,charts,and tables added to increase its usefulness­­this second edition now includes information on: Using the Internet for both information and trading; How mutual funds can ease stock market anxieties; How to buy a stock­­and how to know when it's time to sell; Everything you need to know about today's stock market­­How to buy,what to hold,when to sell.
All About Stocks, Second Edition, will make you a smarter,more accomplished investor. This bottom-line guideBook is now updated to explain every essential aspect of today's stock market--in which the rewards as well as the risks have increased dramatically over the past five years­­and is arranged to provide quick,clear answers to any questions you might have. All About Stocks is written to be understood by an investor--yet packed with information that will be valuable to everyone! Practical,hands-on guidance on how you can use the Internet to find and buy undervalued stocks ... strategies on selecting a mutual fund for both above-average returns and below-average risk... types of trades that can significantly increase your safety during turbulent markets ... it's all here. Before you invest, read All About Stocks and discover: What stocks are,and why you should own them; Explanations of the different types of orders; How fundamental and technical analysis can help you find undervalued stocks; Aspects of growth stocks and value stocks; What mutual funds are,how they work,and which are right for you; Easy-to-follow strategies to assemble a high-growth,low-risk,versified portfolio; Strategies for buying indexed mutual funds and index-tracking stocks