Kingdoms [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 6]

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Categories: Young Adult/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 04/08/2008


Elliad's schemes continue to play havoc with the lives of King Luke and Princess Jobyna. The usurper of the throne of Chezkovia seeks control over neighboring kingdoms, including Frencolia. Will Luke and Jobyna be able to stop him? Princess Jobyna has escaped the madman Elliad and returned to the safety of Frencolia. But she barely has a chance to enjoy her newfound freedom before another crisis arises: King Luke and other royal personages from the surrounding kingdoms are kidnapped and held for ransom. Will Jobyna have to sacrifice herself for Luke? Will the 'crazy' prince's rescue plan work? Is Jobyna's faith strong enough to withstand her doubts and fears?