Shooting Stars

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/2000


A novel of sabotage and intrigue in the futuristic space world of 2013, SHOOTING STARS is a compelling story of an intrepid astronaut and a life-threatening interplanetary skydive. The sole survivor of a catastrophic space accident, Mac Harrison must now grapple with survivor guilt and try to keep his life from wildly spinning out of control. While he tries to reclaim his identity, the formidable owner of a failing moon colony asks him to attempt an audacious "skydive" from the highest altitude ever attempted--the moon. The colony's rivals have other plans. In this enthralling story, Mac must use all his resources to avoid annihilation. Up until the very last second, it's impossible to know if Mac will ever see Earth again in one piece.

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