Associated Press Reporting Handbook

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Categories: Education
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies/McGraw-Hill | Date published: 03/01/2002


Journalism and reporting have gone through dramatic shifts in our fast-moving, hi-tech information age. Yet, the basics of good reporting--distinct from the craft of writing--remain constant. Though reporters are each driven by their own individual brand of curiosity, empathy, or downright pushiness, solid interview techniques, source development, investigative and organizational skills, and keen objectivity are still necessary to recognize, obtain, and effectively communicate a story to a reader, viewer, or listener. The Associated Press Reporting Handbook is designed to provide a new generation of journalists with much-needed guidance in learning these indispensable basics, whether for print, broadcast, online, or other media. Written by a veteran reporter with the world-renowned Associated Press, this invaluable handbook offers detailed, up-to-date information on all aspects of the reporter's job, from local, national, and international reporting to daily news coverage; from working specialty beats in such areas as politics, entertainment, science, and sports to utilizing a range of investigative tools, including computer-assisted reporting. Also gathered here are first-hand advice and anecdotes from outstanding AP reporters such as trial writer Linda Deutsch, national writer and Pulitzer Prize-winner Martha Mendoza, globe-trotting special correspondent Mort Rosenblum, Washington investigative reporter John Solomon, and others who both entertain and inform with their hard-earned wisdom and insights. Whether you're a journalism student or a freelance reporter, whether your penchant is the White House, the moon, Hollywood, or Wall Street, the Associated Press Reporting Handbook offers the best guidance to anyone interested in getting the real scoop on working in this fascinating profession.

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