The Far Traveler: A John Grimes Rim Novel

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: JABberwocky Literary Agency | Date published: 10/06/2000


The Far Traveler was hardly the sort of starship to use in the study of lost space colonies. Lost colonies were likely to be desperate, eccentric, and otherwise unappreciative. And The Far Traveler was a rich woman's toy, constructed of gold, and directed by an omniscient, dictatorial and feminine computer known as Big Sister.

John Grimes had become that golden vessel's captain. A captain in name only because nobody could talk back to Big Sister or the haughty beauty who owned everything aboard. But Grimes was a man of many resources and lost space colonies were places that did not observe the civilized rules. You could be sure therefore that the man known as the Commodore Hornblower of Outer Space would be likely to come through okay -- even if the ladies -- mechanical and physical -- never expected him to!

This book is out of print and very hard to find.