Night on the Flint River: An Accidental Journey in Knowing God

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion
Publisher: United Methodist Publishing House | Date published: 04/19/2002


Our most profound experiences of God often come when we least expect them: in the moments of our lives when something outside the ordinary confronts us. What we learn in these moments -- about ourselves and about God -- can be learned in no other way.

These moments offer insight not otherwise available to us, gifts we would not otherwise receive, peace we would not otherwise know. In these accidental journeys with God -- these moments of greatest vulnerability -- we experience the rare glimpses of God's love and grace that remind us that every moment of our living and dying is embraced by God's presence and purpose. These moments shape our living and believing for the rest of our lives.

In this volume, Roberta Bondi reflects upon one such accidental journey with God and shows us how to pay attention to how God uses these moments for our good.