Effective Church Planning

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion
Publisher: United Methodist Publishing House | Date published: 04/19/2002


Lyle E. Schaller offers seven basic factors for translating important new concepts from the behavioral sciences into terms that can be used for effectively solving church problems.

Is guilt a means of motivation in your church? How does the appearance of the meeting place affect the type or quality of worship a church has? Specific and relatively common issues such as these, which face nearly every church of every denomination at one point or another, are discussed, as well as budgeting, worship, evangelism, expansion of facilities, tenure, fellowship, and motivation. Schaller includes a chapter on "Symptoms or Problems?" and uses four case studies to illustrate how easy it is to focus on symptoms rather than on basic underlying causes.

Lyle Schaller believes that armed with a realistic diagnosis, almost everyone has the potential to be a problem-solver and respond creatively and innovatively. His method of problem-solving encourages us not to dwell on past mistakes or regrets, but to plan with the future in mind.

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