Damned Grounds

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Categories: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 08/01/2002


On the remote grounds of an isolated Mississippi penitentiary, a long buried evil crawls towards the surface, the unbridled rage seething within it's rotted form matched only by the poisonous virus incubating inside it's surging veins. Within a fenced-in, maximum security compound that reeks of recent death and impending doom, a small group of social outcasts are forced to face down the malevolent entity, the very fate of planet earth lodged squarely on their less than heroic shoulders. Before crimson shaded darkness eventually succumbs to the misty morning fog within the gates of the Briarston Correctional Facility, those who survive will discover that the roots of true evil are not so easily severed within Damned Grounds.