Apocalype Rising

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
Publisher: Torquere Press/Arcana | Date published: 01/12/2008


Angel Mikhail has been assigned to watch over a human named Andrew Blackwell. As a Watcher angel, he's used to such things, but there's something about Andrew that draws him, something he can't quite resist. When Andrew is attacked by the minions of Hell, Mikhail takes extra care to keep Andrew safe, taking him to a place called Caeli, a realm between Heaven and Earth. Andrew feels the attraction to Mikhail, but he knows he can't stay in Caeli. He has a life, after all. When he returns home, though, the attacks start up again, leaving him on the run. Can Mikhail find a way to keep Andrew safe, and keep Andrew with him, where the man belongs?