From Pin Stripes to Army Stripes

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Categories: People
Publisher: Stonehedge Publishing/Stonehedge Publishing | Date published: 01/07/2008


The writer relates his college experience being conservative among some "liberal elites ". Incidents involving crime, his near death in a factory accident, immigration problems back then. There's the hint that the "college boy "will join up. The main character meets with the Air Force recruiter, takes battery tests for flight. He wants to be an interpreter. He almost passes. The Army recruiter hears about from next door and gets Michaels specifications and calls him. Mike resigns from the firm after some really underhanded treatment. Suddenly, he's given a big raise. He takes the DLAT test and almost aces it. But he has a hearing loss and doesn't qualify for one MOS. He enters another. He says goodbye to his friends and his Dad who served. He bids farewell to immigrants who owe their lives to this country that rescued them from oppression in Europe. While on medical leave in San Antonio he meets a woman who he later bumps in to while in Europe. Mike and another GI bond and are given orders for Berlin---a live intelligence gathering mission against GSFG forces. Mike is promoted to Sergeant after fearing he was being court-martialed for the joint British-American ruse against the East German VOLPOS earlier. Before leaving President Reagan is shot and the site is on full alert. The command later offers him a post in Japan and Staff Sergeant if he re-ups. Mike meets the woman he bumped in to in San Antonio two years before while visiting Vienna, Austria. He pops the question, she says yes. Married they return home and meet up with his father, now grand-pa. They had one son over there after extending for a year.

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