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Categories: Fantasy/Horror
Publisher: SynergEbooks | Date published: 11/05/2007


Meet Omar Rabini: merchant, aristocrat and fool. In the desert land of his birth, his family has risen to prominence and fortune. But not all is right at the Rabini household. After the death of his father, it is up to Omar to rectify the situation by seeking out the treasure of a long-forgotten king of a distant land. Traveling with his loyal servant, Omar makes his way across the trackless desert land of ancient Semonote. Along the way, Omar comes in contact with two warring factions. Both sides have been fighting in the desert for untold generations and both hold the key to unlocking one of the greatest mysteries of the land. Switching alliances back and forth between the two groups brings Omar closer to his final goal--and closer to his own damnation. By the end, he discovers one must be careful what one wishes for.