In a Stranger's Arms

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: eXtasy eBooks | Date published: 08/01/2007


Callie Obermeyer is just like every other woman, if you disregard the dead bodies that keep turning up around her, the banshee wails that echo through the night, and the stranger she can't help but be drawn to. Death has come calling, and he answers to the name of Gunther Andarton. While chasing a demon preying on the city's female population, he finds his mate in spunky Callie. But how do you tell the woman meant to be yours that she must die in order to live? As the demon strikes, the one called Death learns what it is to love? and Callie must choose between a life of eternal solitude or love in a stranger's arms.