The Raven [Celeste's Captivity V]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions | Date published: 10/08/2007


Bestselling Historical Romance of Bondage and Domination! Rescued from the evil Lord Blood who has sworn to break her will and make her his mindless sex slave, Celeste wonders of she has gone from bad to worse. For the legendary highwayman, the Raven, is also a master of bondage and domination, and he too is determined to make Celeste his slave. But there is a difference. Beneath his masterful exterior, the Raven secretly loves Celeste and wants her to submit willingly to his demands. But until she does, he keeps her caged and begins training her to be obedient only to him. What he doesn't know is that his love is returned, and Celeste now longs to submit to him. Lord Blood has different plans, however. Plans that call for the death of the Raven and the recapture of Celeste.

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