Daring Rewarded [To Find and Not to Yield]

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 09/24/2007


Having purchased a second ship, Lacey hires Gaean women. Rafael, now Captain, appoints as second officer Matesi, a Gaean ex-rockhopper spacer. Lacey hires four Gaean women and two Gaean men. Adrienne fears that if these likeable new shipmates find out that she was once a courtesan, they will withdraw their friendship. When a misunderstanding arises between Liam and Hilary, a Gaean crewmember, Adrienne reconciles the pair. When Liam marries Hilary, Rafael weds Matesi, and Ian marries Norah, Lacey throws a party ashore. While Lacey's crew loads a massive crate, an accident occurs. Hilary hurls Ramsay, a crewman, off the conveyor platform, thereby preventing his being crushed. Lacey and Duncan accompany Adrienne when she purchases cloth. The three spacers come face to face with Yancey. Lacey duels the fugitive who plotted to steal his ship and kill his crew. Wounded, Lacey yet stays on his feet, and prevails. After surviving a grievous wound, Lacey discovers just how many friends he has. Thurston, his Gaean medic, proves his worth. Lacey clashes combatively with Adrienne over the invalid's need to eat soft foods. Loser in the battle of wills, Lacey seethes until Liam and Thurston cheer him. As if that crisis formed a turning point, the convalescent gains strength. When Lacey's daughter arrives for a visit, the girl so like Lacey decides to befriend her father's new wife. Lacey, Barclay and Rafael begin an epic period of hauling. Adrienne contemplates applying for a license to sell parts in Gaea. Terence, Gaea's First Minister, encourages them to apply for the license. Lacey and Adrienne consult with Wolf, who delivers parts throughout the Group. Wolf and his wife become allies of the two entrepreneurs. Lacey and his shipmates attend a Gaean Business Fair. Anthony, a Gaean, attempts to blackmail Adrienne into withdrawing her application for the license, by threatening to inform Lacey's Gaean crewmembers that she was formerly a courtesan. Adrienne's courageous method of handling of the threat prompts Ian to challenge Antony. The incident demonstrates for the Gaean political leadership the staunch loyalty the Gaean members of Lacey's crew give to both of their employers. Adrienne hires Werner, a crewman, and his Gaean wife, to run the new venture. Mad with grief and rage, Riker, lover of the man Ian killed, confronts and threatens Adrienne. When Lacey, Terence, Signe and Arlen arrive just in time, Lacey duels the man whose threat against Adrienne his high-ranking companions heard. This stirring narrative, the second volume of the two-volume eighth novel of the series, continues an ongoing saga of futuristic action, adventure and romance.