The Templar's Treasure

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc./English Tea Rose | Date published: 09/07/2007


The legend of the weeping stones is old: they weep only in the presence of one whose destiny is integral to the survival of Scotland. However, there is a sting in the tail of the blessing; whoever is so marked by the stone is fated to love only once, whether it be for good or ill. Gair witnessed the stone weep when Heather touched it. Now he must decide whether to uphold his oath to protect the Templar Knights' treasure, or protect at all costs, the frail lass who is destined to save his beloved Scotland. With either choice, his soul and his heart are at risk. Heather witnessed the stone weep when she touched it. She knows she is destined to love only once. Now, trussed and kidnapped, she vows never to trust the man who in one breath tries to kill her, and in the next, vows to keep her safe from harm--even though her heart aches for him to love her.