Dark Bargain

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Categories: Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 09/04/2007


Aubrey, brother of Islara, a female broker, unwittingly causes Regan, a former Second Corps Captain turned broker, a huge financial loss. To prevent Regan's pressing charges, Islara offers to work for Regan for a mere pittance. The irate broker offers a counter-proposal: if she'll marry him, and accept his unorthodox means of gaining sensual satisfaction, he'll hire her, and prove a generous, considerate employer/husband. Appalled, Islara yet agrees, to protect Aubrey. Finding that Regan does treat her as his intellectual equal, and does prove a pleasant companion, Islara comes to enjoy a new life spiced with exciting professional challenges. Regan and Islara hear Tanner, owner/captain of a ship Regan purchases, describe veiled threats made by Orwell, a shady investor. Regan acquires Davison Engineering, a firm Orwell tried to buy. Islara discovers a connection between an old crime and a new one that provides a crucial piece of evidence. Astounded, Regan and his friends lay out startling new information unearthed by Islara, Aubrey, and Davison, to Basil, Minister of Internal Security. Both Tanner and Samson, Regan's former lieutenant, suffer wounds during an attack by thugs. Suspecting that Orwell instigated the attack, Regan stays on guard. A duelist-for-hire provokes Regan, who prevails, but Security learns little. Regan, Islara and Samson meet Orwell and his associate Babcock aboard Tanner's ship. Having refused Orwell's offer to buy Davison Engineering, Regan enters his purchase of Tanner's ship in the bank. Babcock incapacitates Regan. Orwell employs dire threats against both husband and wife, with intent to force Regan to sell the ship. Islara foils Orwell, and Regan overcomes Babcock. Regan flies the ship to Crawford Unit, and serves as bait. During a battle with three ruffians, Regan and Samson suffer wounds, which Islara keeps from being fatal. Despite Orwell's demise, attacks continue. No clue arises as to who the shadowy "Number One" might be. Dustin, an advocate, recognizes a face that Regan and Islara tie to the known criminals. On discovering that Tiffany, their neighbor's daughter, works for a firm owned by the criminals, Regan hires her, and Basil learns a great deal. Regan, Samson and Islara attend the auction of Gibson Engineering. Regan offers the winning bid, precipitating an attack on those attending the auction. Islara unmasks the main criminal, who abducts Tiffany. Regan and Samson mount a daring rescue. This stirring narrative, the seventh novel of the series, continues an ongoing saga of futuristic action, adventure and romance.