My Brother Gary

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Categories: General Nonfiction/People
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 08/08/2007


My younger brother Gary is a charming, humorous, articulate, romantic adventurer and warrior. He's one of those types of men the rest of us admire and fantasize about, wishing we could be more like them. In the olden days, he would have been a Mountain Man or a Knight or perhaps even a Pirate or Buccaneer. In any era, he would always have been one of the first to cross the mountains, the wide rivers or brave the unexplored oceans. Even today, in the late autumn of his life, he's always doing something new and interesting and he always has fun at it. We've had many a laugh together and shed a few tears during our lives. He's always been my best friend and I only wish I had preserved more of our conversations and letters. What you have here only touches the surface of many of the things he's done and places he's been. And for all you fans of my Williard Brothers series, after reading this book you might guess that Gary is the avatar of Jason "Jumpin' Jase" Williard, the middle brother of the three, and the aviator whose almost supernatural flying ability gets them out of many a scrape in their continuing adventures.

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