Dragon Star

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Categories: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica/Fantasy
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing | Date published: 07/26/2007


Tempting and teasing, Dragons oh so pleasing! Or are they? Dragons, shape shifters, Oh My! Left to die in the searing heat of the desert floor, a sacrifice to the scavengers that inhabit its sandy depths, the nameless female struggled to save her own life. As a foundling, she had always done so. When she turned down the son of the leader of her village, she found herself cast to the vicious Scabs and their never-ending hunger. But then something came to her aid! A large talking lizard with more attitude than brains was there, carrying her off to a strange new world inhabited by the Dragonish. Now she was the future mate of a strange man, a submissive for breeding purposes, a desired and treasured female, and the forth in an all male family quad that just didn't make sense to her. But when instincts take over and mating fever burns bright, who can resist being the Dragon's Star?