Threads [Bainevah Series Book 4]

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Categories: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2007


Prophecy finds fulfillment woven with hearts, on a loom larger than the world... Dia has no memory beyond a wall of pain and fear. She was glad to be living a solitary life with her loom, weaving the patterns set by the black-robed priests who said they were her friends and protectors. But as the years pass by, she grows certain something is wrong, and her weaving might somehow be part of it. Has she caused a great disaster to strike the world, or is the disaster about to happen? She wants to escape, but has no idea where to go. Asha leaves Bainevah, seeking his destiny and the reason he had been born, and comes to Dia's hidden canyon. When he steps through the magical barriers and finds her, they both know something momentous rests on what they will do next. Though they have never seen each other before, they somehow sense they have known each other all their lives. As Asha and Dia escape through the wilderness, they unravel mysteries of a betrayal hundreds of years old and battle demi-gods who want to destroy Bainevah. And when Dia's memories begin to return, the world threatens to unravel like the weaving that is part of her soul... [Genres: Romance / Paranormal Romance]

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