Modem Operandi [A Pendragon and Pendragon Mystery]

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Humor
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2007


Bizarre and mesmerizing computer graphics slaughter people who seemingly have nothing in common ... except access to the Internet. Is a high-tech serial killer on the loose? When Arthur Reynes has his head blown in by his e-mail, his current girlfriend, Vicki Northon, calls his uncle, Gareth. Gareth "Pen" Pendragon is a Paranormal Private Investigator who debunks fake spiritualists and finds lost objects, even though his psychic powers are erratic and sometimes erroneous. When he meets Vicki, however, Gareth discovers she has psychic visions that are dependable--but only when she and Pen are making love, which is not always practical. Nevertheless, Gareth and Vicki succeed often enough in such "interfacing," but will their efforts be enough so that the modus operandi is uncovered and the perpetrator of Arthur's murder is brought to justice before more people suffer hideous deaths? [Genres: Mystery / Detective / Humor ]