Double Fantasy

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 09/01/2005


Award-winning author Honey Jans' DOUBLE FANTASY is two previously published best-selling novels in one special Whiskey Creek Press edition. Surrender yourself to double fantasy, come along on a joyride that proves the road to romance, though wild and kinky, can be sweet. THE GIFT, an EPPIE Award Finalist: Penelope Hart is a lonely librarian. Unfortunately, the only men at the library are Mr. Powel and Victor Deveroux, the handsome but snooty new library board chairman. Victor's dark good looks make Penny's heart race, though he's never more than polite to her. One day, Penny finds a gift from a secret admirer on her desk. The scandalous package contains a red paddle. The attached note hints at sweet submission that both shocks and turns Penny on. A series of other naughty gifts follow, finally culminating in an invitation to meet the giver at a discreet hotel. Drawn into a world of heady sensuality, Penny learns that submissiveness can be deliciously powerful. THE COMMANDER'S CLUB: Courtney Fox is a journalist on a mission--to save her protege who's been conned into joining The Commander's Club, a white slave ring. Ty Dragon is an FBI agent working undercover as a slave trainer. In real life, he prefers his women spanked, submissive, and hot, although he'd long ago given up on finding the perfect, submissive mate. While setting up the Club's implosion, he teaches feisty Courtney the power of submission, and she shows him that the perfect, submissive mate might be right under his nose.