The Lost Generation

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Categories: Mainstream/Humor
Publisher: Stonehedge Publishing/Stonehedge Publishing | Date published: 05/21/2007


Going Straight to Hell.... Mike Hamilton is a man marked for death. No, the Mafia isn't after him--hepatitis C is. The disease hid in his system for years, slowly eating at his liver. Mike had no idea the incurable virus was after him. Now it's too late to do anything about it. So why not party? The Lost Generation is a tale about today, tomorrow, and well, the nutzoid place we live. Mike gives up everything your average Ruthless New York lawyer holds dear. He trades it for a cherry RX-7 and heads on a trip only Dorothy could understand when her house found Ground Zero in Oz. Along the way he meets God, The Richest Man In The World, The Universe's Greatest Computer Nerd, Bob The Karate Clown, and Casper The Friendly Ghost. Oh, he finds out he was a Harlem Cockroach in a past life. The Lost Generation is a romp through reality you'll never forget. After all, who would believe the secret of the universe is Shit Happens, It Just Does....