Retaking America [ShadowsForge Series Book 3]

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 04/01/2007


First there was Alexis Synclair. Then came Diane Starling. Followed by Valerie Leonard. Add Crystal--whose last name the band never did learn. Mix well with the men of ShadowsForge and the stage is set for competition, confusion and adventure. Trouble comes in many shapes, sizes and hair color, in the third installment of the ShadowsForge series. Travel along with the band as they rearrange their women to find the perfect fit. Join Geoff Richards, Ty Synclair, Jordan Cantrell, Jon Wiles and Brian Cummings as they return to the U.S. for additional tour dates, internal strife and unexpected surprises as they cross the Atlantic--intent on Retaking America.