Into the Woods

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Categories: Young Adult/Fantasy
Publisher: Highland Press/Pandora | Date published: 03/01/2007


Callum McClure's family and village are under siege from an unknown foe. Villagers by the droves are falling into a mysterious sleep, a coma, from which they are unable to wake. Callum and his school mates are in a race against time to discover why and how their parents are unconscious. Odd natural disasters are occurring everywhere, and then, there are the trees? In each sleeper's room, roots grow wild out of the closet, and wrap the comatose in a root sarcophagus. On each sleeper's closet door glows a message--Stand--See--Remember--Choose. Will Callum and his mates solve the riddle in time to free their parents, or will they be forever banned to the place known only as The NetherWood?

Also Available from R.R. Smythe