Road Kill Art And Other Oddities

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Categories: Mainstream/Humor
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 12/01/2006


"Exploring new territory with an original voice, author Niles Reddick brings his collection of Southern short stories vividly to life. You will laugh out loud at the eccentricities of the characters and their particular situations, set in the rural past and the strip mall world of the New South. Filled with humor, these stories offer readers glimpses into every day experiences through the eyes of a maniac narrator who survives and thrives on the oddities of the modern American South." You never know who's going to turn up in one of Niles Reddick's stories.... a lapsed evangelist working as a motel night clerk, a bargain-hunting father, an aunt who makes peroxide tea, or a seventeen-year-old girl just admitted to a mental hospital.... not to mention wild dogs, snakes, and UFOs! Each one of these short, down-to-earth and often surprising stories packs a considerable punch. Reddick's characteristic humor allows for some revelations as well."--Lee Smith, North Carolina author of several works of fiction including FAMILY LINEN, FAIR AND TENDOR LADIES, SAVING GRACE, THE LAST GIRLS, and his most recent novel, ON AGATE HILL.

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