A Maine Christmas Carol

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Categories: Young Adult/Family/Relationships
Publisher: ebooksonthe.net/ebooksonthe.net | Date published: 12/01/2006


A Maine Christmas Carol is more than a retelling of the Dickens classic. It is a contemporary look at modern society with a focus upon young adults. Set in Hallowell, Maine we find old Scrooge replaced by a 16 year old TJ. Having lost his father in Iraq, TJ has turned to drugs in an attempt to cope with a world that he feels has spun out of control. TJ alienates himself from his family and friends and his father returns in spirit, like Bob Marley of old, in an attempt to steer his son from the path of self-destruction. As one reviewer says of the novel, "In the guise of the well loved tale it reminds us of the effects of modern life, its drugs, wars and poverty, on its people. It gives us the hope and optimism that is much needed in our contemporary world." This novel has received numerous pre-publication reviews that praise its style and content. The English editor of Arabesques Literary and Cultural Review says it is a "biting Christmas fable for our times. Read it, weep, and rejoice"