Amusing Amanda [Amusing Amanda Series Book 1]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books | Date published: 10/20/2006


Amanda knows what she wants, and she has the means to get it. Scott came to her from 'The Agency' years before. She took him in and gave him everything, on the condition that he amuse her with a variety of men. Bored with the endless stream of Los Angeles Muscle boys, Amanda goes on a quest. She is looking for the most beautiful man on earth, and she finds him! Ciel is a down on his luck writer in Paris who wants to come home to America, his birth place. He is just what she's been looking for and she figures that Scott will be thrilled with Ciel as well. But when Ciel finally arrives on Scott's birthday, things don't go exactly as Amanda plans.

Also Available from D. J. Manly

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