Kajira of Gor [Gor Series Book 19]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1983


The Goreans kidnap Tiffany Collins and sweep her away to the Earthlike planet, Gor. She is made ruler of an important city, where she seems to wield great powers. Tiffany, though, is not a queen but merely a kajira, "slave girl" in Gorean. Installed as a puppet of the Kurii, a monster alien race that is preparing to invade Gor from space, Tiffany discovers that she is meant to be a slave forever. Yet, perhaps she is more than just a slave, for in this exhilarating adventure she will play a pivotal role in many burning conflicts. Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the first book of the Gorean Saga, TARNSMAN OF GOR, E-Reads is proud to release the very first complete publication of all Gor books by John Norman, in both print and ebook editions, including the long-awaited 26th novel in the saga, WITNESS OF GOR. Many of the original Gor books have been out of print for years, but their popularity has endured. Each book of this release has been specially edited by the author and is a definitive text.