The Chosen [Rogue Angel Book 4]

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Science Fiction
Publisher: Harlequin/Rogue Angel | Date published: 01/08/2007


Archaeologist Annja Creed believes there's more to the apparitions of Santo Nino--the Holy Child--luring thousands of pilgrims to Santa Fe. Other sightings of strange and anomalous creatures in the area indicate a mystery more profane than sacred--with links, perhaps, to Annja's own fate. But she is not alone in her quest to separate reliquaries from unholy minds who dare to harness sinister power. A dangerous yet enigmatic Jesuit, sworn to protect the Vatican at any cost, a brilliant young artist whose genius portrays a truth too potent for words and a famed monster hunter with a terrifying agenda are the keys to the secrets that lie in the heart of Los Alamos--and unlocking the door to the very fabric of time itself....