The Wave

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Categories: Horror/Science Fiction
Publisher: Naked Snake Press/NSP Books | Date published: 10/20/2006


A deadly wave of energy strikes the planet, turning millions of people into savage, flesh-craving creatures. The effects of the wave are relentless and unstoppable. Time is up for the human race. Across the country small pockets of survivors struggle to come to terms with what has happened; the President of the United States, a city girl stranded in the middle of nowhere, a group of soldiers and civilians holed-up in a nuclear bunker, a young artist living in isolation; they're all as vulnerable and helpless as each other. This apocalyptic nightmare will destroy them all. The wave was just the beginning of the end. With the world now drenched in a shroud of lethal radiation survival seems less and less likely with each passing hour. And as the survivors weaken and fall apart, so the infected begin to evolve and gain in strength. In The Wave author Eric S. Brown weaves a dark and frantically paced nightmare. The action-packed plot twists and turns leaving both the reader and The Wave's cast of desperate survivors fighting for breath. And just when you think an end to the horror is in sight, Brown plays his trump card and the full extent of his dramatic apocalypse is revealed. "A no-holds-barred vision of the end of the world."--David Moody, author of the Autumn series