Captive Journey: A Woman's Odyssey into Bondage

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Publisher: Renaissance E Books | Date published: 12/04/2006


A Woman's Odyssey to Submission! Victor Dulaney was a hunk and loaded to boot. When he offered to buy 10 oceanfront condos as an investment from the rookie realtor, Heather Journey, she was elated. Then the other shoe dropped. Sure, it was natural that he wanted something in exchange for making her year's commissions with one sale. She would eagerly give him a roll in the hay and wasn't too much of a prude to offer. But he was quick to say that it wasn't just sex that he wanted. His request was to possess her total existence and her very freedom for just a week. He assured her that she would not regret either deal. For some reason, the idea of belonging to this man for a week was too strong to ignore. So begins her journey of captivity and submission.