The Man Who Chained The Lightning: [The Weird Exploits of Dr. Satan #2]

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Categories: Horror/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 11/20/2006


Fiendish horror from the pages of the Golden Age Weird Tales! Defy the world's greatest supervillain or die by lightning! That's the challenge Doctor Satan, the red robed, red masked evil-genius, hurled at the world. Accompanied by his two monstrously cruel assistants, Bostoff and Girse, Doctor Satan had devised a fool-proof scheme for looting the world's biggest banks without their even suspecting it. As fortunes vanish overnight and Wall St. totters, only Ascott Kean and Beatrice, his "more than secretary," dare oppose their will against that of the worlds weirdest criminal. And Doctor Satan has chained the lightning--he can literally call it down from anywhere in the world to strike anyone anywhere else in the world. And he has sentenced Ascott Kean to death--by electrocution. A Hot-Flashes Novelette.

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