Dr. Satan [The Weird Exploits of Dr. Satan #1]

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Categories: Horror/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler | Date published: 10/23/2006


Straight from the Pages of Weird Tales: The Uncensored Adventures of Pulp's Weirdest Villain! You won't believe the thrills await you as you read about the sinister exploits of Doctor Satan, the world's weirdest criminal. Doctor Satan makes crime pay beyond the dreams of avarice, swimming to power with utter disregard for others, striking down those in his path cruelly, ruthlessly, inexorably, and weirdly. He is no ordinary villain, but is truly the Master Mind of crime, possessing scientific knowledge and power that make him unique among all the so-called "master minds" of fiction. He well merits the sobriquet of Doctor Satan. But he is opposed by another mind in many ways equal to his own: Ascott Keane, criminologist par excellence, known even to his intimate friends as only a millionaire playboy. Keane has turned to tracking down crime for the same reason that Doctor Satan has turned to committing crime: for the thrill of the game. Whether Doctor Satan is preying on rich men in Wall Street, or ruthlessly spreading panic terror in Hollywood, or striking the winter tourist influx at Miami with ghostly death, we know that you will be fascinated with the harrowing adventures of Doctor Satan and Ascott Keane. As the editor of Weird Tales wrote, "Each of these stories is a genuine weird tale, eery. uncanny and permeated with an icy breath of horror like a cold breeze from the tomb."

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