Rules of the Trade

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Categories: Personal Finance
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 03/01/2002


Like the information that continuously flows onto their computer screens, active day traders want guideBooks to be fast, no-nonsense, and reliable. Rules of the Trade gives traders of all levels the concise, common-sense insights of a day trading pro. Beyond simply listing the rules, however, it goes on to explain what the rules mean, why they are important--and the high costs of overlooking them even once. Packed with real-life examples to illustrate key points, this book--from best-selling author David S. Nassar--details popular axioms that traders often forget in the heat of action. All the basic rules are covered, including: *Only trade stocks you know and trust *Set goals and frequently measure progress *Understand the difference between gambling and trading

Also Available from David S. Nassar