Doing It Write: Putting the Final Polish on Your Manuscript

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Categories: Self Improvement/General Nonfiction
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 10/09/2006


Unique Book On Manuscript Polishing! If you are someone who has chosen writing as a possible career, or who is considering it, then you need this short but invaluable book! When it comes to writing, there are tons of easy-to-find rules. To do it right, budding authors need to be aware of those lesser known rules that can make or break their work. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are the basics of good writing, just as submission guidelines are the basics of a successful submission. With a touch of humor and a couple of writing exercises, this reference deals with some common mistakes beginning writers tend to make. Examples are concise, and there are several interactive quizzes with answers at the end of the reference. In addition to being an romance award-nominee author, Marissa St. James has taught writing workshops and groups.