For the Love of Dragons [The Guardians of Glede Book 6]

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Categories: Fantasy/Young Adult
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 10/04/2006


The dragons of Mere Odain have disappeared. Queen El'leigh summons Pepin to her side, demanding that he take on his proper role of DragonMaster. However, Pepin is now a young man of 14 and in love for the first time. He reminds El'leigh that he is now in allegiance with the elves, not the Merians. Furious, El'leigh sends Nila, Pepin's love, to the wilds of South Kelta. Panicked, Pepin follows, hoping to save Nila before any harm can befall her. But both youth are captured by Keltin warriors, who quickly realize just who they have in their grasp. If they can force Pepin to make the dragons do their bidding, they will regain their lost advantage in Mere Odain. And to make him do their bidding, they use Nila as incentive.