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Categories: Technology/Science/Sports/Entertainment
Publisher: Pocket Essentials/Pocket Essentials | Date published: 10/09/2006


Animation covers everything from Tex Avery's split-second slapstick and The Simpsons' knowing digs at pop culture, to Hayao Miyasaki's strong-willed heroines and Yuri Norstein's delicately rendered folktales. Often dismissed by the uninitiated as 'kid's stuff', any detailed look at animation reveals a technically complex, sophisticated and endlessly inventive medium. Intended both as a guide and an introduction to this fascinating field, the Pocket Essential Animation examines and celebrates this genre in its many forms. It explores the careers, techniques and key films of many of the major animators. It begins with pioneers such as Winsor McCay, the Fleischer brothers and Walt Disney when the 'House of Mouse' was only a twinkle in his eye. Then brings you right up to date with Nick Park's claymation and the slick CGI comedies of John Lasseter's Pixar studio. In between, it takes in the innovations of Norman McLaren, the sexual obsessions of Bob Godfrey and the agit-prop surrealism of Jan Svankmajer. Kid's stuff, indeed.

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