The Visitation

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Categories: Horror/Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/pageturner editions | Date published: 09/09/2006


A Romantic Gothic in the Classic Tradition! Even the pure at heart quail when the demon walks in this spellbinding work of romantic suspense (also published as Hoaxbreaker). When Beatrice Benedict is unwillingly drawn back to Thorncliff Manor after the mysterious disappearance of a family member, she finds herself facing supernatural terrors. A demonic force has marked her for its bride, and the cult that worships the demon have infiltrated her circle, waiting only for their master's signal to betray her into his hands. With her friends Ella and Rocky unable to protect her, and even her physician-uncle helpless before the occult spell being woven around her, Bea seems fated to face the demon's lust alone. Only the handsome, infuriating Greg Bauer, a world-famous hoaxbreaker, appears to offer any hope, for he is convinced a evil plotter is behind all these seemingly supernatural events and he is determined to expose them for the cunning tricks they are. But just as Bea finds herself half-falling in love with Greg and beginning to believe him, to her horror she finds herself scooped from her bed by the demon and carried straight into hell! Cover art: Alan White