My Lady's Will

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Champagne Books | Date published: 09/18/2006


Sir William Barnett is a man with no regrets. Or so he would have everyone believe. Orphaned and abandoned as a child, he finds his wit and his prowess with the ladies a convenient cover for his pain. Until he is asked to serve as guardian for Lady Prudence Marlow, a young hellcat whose sharp tongue and insistent charm tempt him to risk his heart. Lady Prudence has only one desire. To cause enough problems for the people around her that no man will ever agree to marry her. When King Henry seemingly agrees and gives her into the care of one of his nobles, she is ill-prepared for the effect the comely knight has on her senses. Two souls unwilling to love journey to a place where love reigns. Will they come together in time to discover their passion before circumstances conspire to separate them ... forever?

Also Available from Marjorie Jones